Mar 17, 2016
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Visits throughout France and research presentations in Australia

These past few weeks have been synonymous with exciting study trips for the students from the different degree programmes of the School of Wine & Spirits Business (SWSB).

Between 14th and 19th February, the MS CIVS group (Mastère Spécialisé en Commerce International des Vins et Spiritueux/ Specialised Master in International Wine and Spirits Trade) went to Bordeaux and Cognac in the south-west, for a comprehensive programme including visits and conferences at the châteaux, visits to wine-cellars and other wine estates and renowned wine merchants (Château d’Yquem, Château Margaux, Château Smith Haut Lafitte, etc.).

Every year, CIVS students go on seven study trips, which take them to Bordeaux, Burgundy, to the south of France, Spain, to Alsace and Cahors.

The MSc in Wine Management student were in the Loire Valley region from 1st to 3rd February to participate in the Salon des Vins de Loire (Loire Wines Trade Fair). The Ouest France newspaper met with some of them and filmed them during their tasting.

On 27th January students from the MSc in Wine Business travelled to nearby Beaune to take a Wine & Society course. They attended the conference given by Sylvain Pitiot, former manager of the famous Clos de Tart. The most well-known wine-making cartographer in Burgundy, Romain Chapuis, from the Chapuis & Chapuis Pommard estate, spoke on the theme "How to start making and selling wines without a owing a vineyard?". The students also visited the Bouchard Aîné & Fils estate and were able to do a wine tasting there.

Recherch : Wine Academy in Australia

Faculty members from the SWSB were also busy travelling in Adelaide with five professors from the University of Adelaide. Between 16th and 19th February they attended the Academy of Wine Business Research (AWBR) conference during which, Steve Charters, Roberta Crouch, Laurence Cogan, Lara Agnoli and David Menival presented their impressive eight papers :

  • The Development of Wine Tourism in Lesser-known Wine Regions: The Case of Jura (Laurence Cogan-Marie, Steve Charters, Natalia Velikova)
  • Consumer Knowledge and Preferences for Wine amongst Visitors to Burgundy (Natalia Velikova, Steve Charters, Laurence Cogan-Marie)
  • For the Love of Country: How Origin-related Affect Influences Consumer Wine Evaluation and Preference (Roberta Crouch, Ulrich R. Orth, Vinh N. Lu)
  • Talking With You - Not At You: How Brand Ambassadors Can Spark Consumer Brand Attachment (Roberta Crouch, Michael Proksch, Pascale Quester)
  • Innovating Traditional Products: “Self-Sacrifice vs. Product Authenticity” (Bora Qesja, Roberta Crouch, Pascale Quester)
  • Designing Culturally Specific Wine Packages: The Case of Visual Harmony (Kristina Haberstroh, Ulrich R. Orth, Tatiana Bouzdine-Chameeva, Justin Cohen, Armando M. Corsi, Roberta Crouch, Renata De Marchi)
  • The impact of New Zealand Visitation on Chinese Perceptions of New Zealand Wine (Joanna Fountain, David Menival)
  • How Important is the Carbon Claim in Generation Y Italians' Wine Choice? (Roberta Capitello, Lara Agnoli, Steve Charters, Diego Begalli)