Feb 15, 2017
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44 final year students are the first to study a specialisation in this booming industry

This year at BSB, final year students of the Bachelor in Marketing & Business can study a specialisation in Wine Tourism. Since the beginning of February, 44 students, or a third of the class, have been studying this area. This specialisation is taught entirely in English over the course of one semester, with the help of the expertise of the School of Wine & Spirits Business. It is the only one of its kind in the world.

A comprehensive programme, with classes on wine tourism and study tours
The programme includes classes on viticulture and oenology, as well as wine sensory evaluation classes where students can learn about wine tasting. The classes are given by Jordi Ballester, a professor at the Université de Bourgogne, and an expert in this area in Europe. The programme also includes classes on tourism marketing and direct wine sales, but its most practical feature is the module “Professional business experiences”. In this module, students take part in study tours in three different regions in France; Jura, Champagne and Beaujolais.
This is an integral part of the programme, as the students have to analyse the wine tourism industry in each region they visit by studying what the region has to offer in terms of wine tourism, and by examining the typical profile of a wine tourist in that area. They then draw up a report with recommendations on how to improve the wine tourism industry in each region. The students will also be coached on a real-life business project, for which they will have to organise a wine trip in a wine region of their choice.

First specialisation of its kind in a booming sector
The BSB Bachelor programme’s “Wine Tourism” specialisation is unique as it is taught entirely in English. It consists of 120 hours of class over the course of one semester. Upon graduation, students can work with a wine merchant in a winery, in a museum or in tourism services, but they can also go on to valuable further study in wine management.
 Laurence Cogan, a professor of the School of Wine & Spirits Business who specialises in wine tourism, is the head of this programme. According to her, “wine tourism is experiencing huge growth globally. BSB has shown that it really understands this recent trend by creating this new specialisation for Bachelor students. Speaking from personal experience of having owned a wine shop in Dublin and having worked in the tourism industry in Burgundy, I can say that it’s a passion that really comes to life through a rich learning experience”.