Jun 2, 2017
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The 10th edition of the Cahors Malbec Académie workshop with the winemakers

The students were completely immersed into the goings on at the winery. Small groups of students worked alongside the winemakers to come up with business development strategies and recommendations to showcase the appellation. The students gained unique on-the-job experience, and the winemakers reaped the benefits of the marketing expertise of their guests. A win-win situation!

This year’s theme focused on the food and wine pairings of Cahors, a much-loved topic at the UIVC (Union Inter-Professionnelle des Vins de Cahors - an organisation of wine producers and wine merchants in Cahors). The students stayed with the winemakers and spent their time doing workshops and visiting the vineyard, all the while enjoying the tourist attractions and gastronomic delights of the region. At the end of the workshop, the students presented their findings and made recommendations to showcase the vineyards and their wines.

A unique immersive experience 

Philippe Morgadinho, one of the MS CIVS students in attendance at the Cahors Malbec Académie, said “the experience allowed us to discover the charm of a little known vineyard and its talented winemakers”. “We had the opportunity to expand our professional network and to experiment with the food and wine pairings of Cahors. We also got to live with the winemakers on the vineyard. They were very welcoming!”  

“I was the student organiser of the workshop, so I was the line of communication between the UIVC and the students. In this role, I learned about the importance of coordination and how crucial it is to be present at the event every day for everything to run smoothly. So there was a great bonus experience in project management!”

Philippe finishes by saying, “this type of immersive workshop is a unique study trip in the MS CIVS programme. It is the only one that offers students the opportunity to spend time on a vineyard, working with the winemakers and tasting the local produce. Everything is organised by Jérémy Arnaud, terroir manager at the UIVC and graduate of the programme. It’s a real adventure and an amazing social experience!”