Research: organisation and goals
The world of wine has profoundly changed over the past twenty years with lower consumption in traditional wine-producing countries and higher consumption in non-producing countries, new developmental and marketing models, growing internationalisation, new technologies, increased competition, more constraining regulations, greater consumer education, rising awareness of health issues and corporate responsibility, to name but a few changes. One of the goals of the School of Wine & Spirits Business is to take stock of these changes and to help businesses and institutions adapt to them.
The School of Wine & Spirits Business research centre, under the direction of Steve Charters, is responsible for the structure’s intellectual output.
The main goal of the research centre is the publication of articles in peer-reviewed journals specialising in the wine and spirits industries as well as other prestigious publications aimed at a scientific community interested in wine marketing - a research field that has come to dominate the field.
Knowledge generation for the general public is another goal. Knowledge is already being generated through the publication of opinion pieces and articles in the general press (Le Monde Économie, Les Échos, Le Figaro, The Huffington Post) as well as a more specialised press.
A third development goal is the publication of a reference guide on wine economics and management in both French and English as well as the production of case studies, which are essential teaching tools and a means to connect with the sector's main financial players.